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Here at Beddio we believe that the acquisition of energy for your everyday life is the most important part of sleeping! Our mattresses provide you with cool and pressure relieving comfort, as well as incredible back support. 


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Uses long chains of polymers to draw excess heat from the body and create a comfortable cool to the touch and long lasting fabric


Copper is a natural antiviral and antibacterial. It also helps to prevent microbes and disipates heat that accumulates in your mattress


High quality memory foam that reduces the irritation of pressure points in your body


Substantial adaptive transition layer with enough thickness and density to give that medium firm feel


Advanced spring technology that adjusts to all body types and has enhanced support around the edge

Beddio is The Most Comfortable Mattress on The Market Using Quality Materials

With over two decades in mattress making experience and over a million mattresses sold, we must be doing something right. We have created the best mattress in its class with precision comfort, and support.

With four layers scientifically created to induce maximum comfort, Beddio offers you the future in mattresses. The first layer is a copper foam material that relaxes and provides better health to your circulatory system. The second layer is high-quality memory foam that reduces the irritation of pressure points in your body. Following that, you will find a substantial transition layer. Finally, a firm base to help you achieve a perfect night sleep. The Beddio outer cover is a smart cooling system that allows for better air circulation, resulting in a refreshing nights sleep.

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I loved the mattress is extremely comfortable 

Celene Fuentes

Beddio is awesome!!! A great new company worth everyone’s support!!!

Loretta Jules Adams-Licklider

Highly recommend to people who struggle sleeping or just want a better mattress for themselves! Very comfy mattress!

Erika Pita

felling relaxing...loved!

Wilson Angeles